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What Is Income Protection Insurance?

We insure our cars, our homes, and sometimes even our pets. But often we forget to insure our most valuable asset of all: our ability to earn an income.

At RetireInvest Clarence Valley, YOU come first.

We all tend to forget we are human, and accidents can happen whether you are at work, spending time with your family, on a holiday vacation, accidents can happen and leave you vulnerable with little to no income.

Whether you are single or married with a family, you rely on your ability to earn an income every day. How many things do you do every day that does not cost money? From the moment you wake up each morning you begin spending. Turning the lights on, having a shower, and eating breakfast. It all costs money. So why is it so few people (around 20%) take out insurance for their income? We all insure our homes and cars, but the reality is you wouldn’t have either of these without your income.


In our experience, before seeing us at RetireInvest Clarence Valley, most clients did not have Income Protection because:

Protecting your income with income protection insurance is one of the most important financial decisions you can make. Not doing so, can risk the chance not being able to meet your financial commitments, provide for your family, your lifestyle and not being able to invest and build wealth for retirement.

To understand more how important income protection is please, contact RetireInvest Clarence Valley and Mid North Coast on 02 6643 4477.

Income Protection Coffs Harbour