Aged Care Financial Advice is made easy with Sandra from RetireInvest.

Greater Port Macquarie Focus Magazine got to know Sandra Cartwright and learnt about her dedication to her career as a financial planner, specialising in aged care.

Sandra is a mother of three adult children and has lived locally for over 11 years. She enjoys playing golf however she says she finds it frustrating at times – but don’t we all?! With over 27 years of financial planning advice, Sandra has built a wealth of knowledge to help locals make the right decisions based on their individual needs for their future.

In the article, Sandra states:

“Aged care is a very complex area and seeking advice can make the whole process so much easier. Apart from the financial concerns, emotions can sometimes take over and decisions become even harder to make, either for yourself or perhaps on behalf of elderly parents”.

Having a financial planner that is easy to contact and makes you feel comfortable to ask questions is important when choosing the professional who will guide you through your aged care advice. Finances can be very daunting for most of us, and Sandra knows how to make your money matters easier to understand.

“At Retireinvest Mid North Coast my role is to help guide the financial decisions of my clients through education and gaining a thorough understanding of what it is they are trying to achieve for their future. I specialise in Retirement Advice and Aged Care Advice”, Sandra States.

RetireInvest is experienced with Superannuation, DVA/Pension entitlements, Centrelink Payments and much more which means they can offer you advice on what will work for your individual situation.

Interested in a free, no obligation introductory consultation? Contact Sandra today on (02) 6643 4477 or email admin@retireinvest.net


Greater Port Macquarie Focus Magazine Article – Oct, 2022 – Page 99:

Sandra Cartwright Focus Article

Images from: October 2022 issue of the Greater Port Macquarie Focus Magazine, article on Sandra Cartwright from RetireInvest.

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