Here at RetireInvest Clarence Valley and Mid North Coast we value your goals and work together to create these a reality. With RetireInvest having over 40 years in the financial industry and RetireInvest Clarence Valley and Mid North Coast Nationally Recognised Award Winning ‘Practice of the Year’ – we take pride in our service and trust from our well-respected clients.

Everyone has different values and goals, and it is our job to identify these with you and create your own path to success.

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If you could achieve your financial goals by simply putting money away in the bank, you wouldn’t need a financial plan. Unfortunately, life is a little more complex – it’s hard to understand the intricacies of investment, taxation and ever-changing regulations, so you need professional help.

Yet, many of us resist seeking advice, as if our financial future weren’t just as important as our health or our children’s education. We often decide to manage our financial affairs ourselves, or leave it to someone we know, perhaps an accountant or a solicitor, which is a bit like buying vegetables at the butchers. Financial planning is a specialist profession and you should make sure that you’re getting advice from a properly qualified person.

A financial planner will help you reach your goals; even if retirement may seem a lifetime away, the sooner you start planning the more likelihood you’ll have to achieve financial independence and peace of mind.

Your first meeting is at our expense and obligation free.

As the first meeting is about ascertaining your financial goals, any relevant documents that you can provide will allow us to build a greater understanding and chart a course to reach them. We provide you a comprehensive and independent assessment of your current financial arrangements and work out a plan on how to get to where you want to be.

By law all financial planners must disclose all forms of payment and fees. The cost to you will depend on the complexity of your financial situation and plan, as well as the fee method the planner uses.

There are various ways to structure fees, and it typically starts with an initial fee to cover identifying your needs, developing a strategy and implementing the recommendations.

We are not as the cheapest, but based on the feedback we get from clients we do a fantastic job. As soon as we know the applicable fee, it will be clearly communicated to you so you can decide if you are going to proceed.

Many people end up too scared to reach out to a financial planner for fear they don’t know enough, aren’t wealthy enough or will be told their goals aren’t attainable.

The truth is, it is never too early or too late to seek financial advice. However, the sooner you create your financial roadmap, the sooner you can build the life you want, and live with better peace of mind for the present and future.

The team at RetireInvest Clarence Valley, have the expertise and the tools to add value to every life stage of our clients’ journeys; whether this being purchasing a first home, getting ready to start a family or later in life when you are preparing to retire or downsize your home.

Meeting with a financial planner is the first step to focusing on and understanding your financial situation, enabling you to start setting some goals to live the life you want.

Unfortunately, not every relationship is a great match and you sometimes need to know when to walk away from a professional relationship.

A good rapport with your financial planner is essential. Your financial planner is going to know more about you than your accountant or doctor, as they will have details of your finances, medical history, and family situation. If you cannot establish a good bond and a sense of trust early on in your first meeting with a financial planner, we are the first to recommend that you keep looking.

Our team of financial planners are passionate about delivering the best possible outcomes for their clients. Our key strengths are really listening to our clients’ desires, ambitions, goals, and dreams to ensure that the plan we create together is one we mutually agree to and continue to develop over time.

Finally, as much as we try to find your perfect match from the outset, our large team means that you are welcome to meet with another financial planner at your request.

  • Financial Planning
  • Retirement Planning
  • Wealth Creation & Investment Planning
  • Life & Personal Insurance
  • Income Protection
  • Superannuation Advice
  • Age Pension & Centrelink Support
  • Estate Planning

At RetireInvest Clarence Valley, we maintain a regular connection with our clients to ensure you are progressing well with your finances and/if any circumstances – we are always in touch.

After discussing with your financial adviser, you can decide what level of service you wish to receive. This will be discussed at your initial free consultation.

Deeming is a set of rules used to work out the income created from your financial assets. It assumes these assets earn a set rate of income, no matter what they really earn.

If you’re single – The first $53,000 of your financial assets has the deemed rate of 0.25% applied. Anything over $53,000 is deemed to earn 2.25%.

If you’re a member of a couple and at least one of you get a pension – The first $88,000 of your combined financial assets has the deemed rate of 0.25% applied. Anything over $88,000 is deemed to earn 2.25%.

The main types of financial assets are:

  • savings accounts and term deposits
  • managed investments, loans and debentures
  • listed shares and securities
  • some income streams
  • some gifts you make.

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